Raindance Adds Webcasting to Suite of Multimedia Conferencing Services

Raindance Communications Inc. (Booth 121) has added Internet audio broadcasting to its suite of multimedia conferencing services.

The new Webcasting feature allows participants to sit back and experience Web, audio and video of a live event without picking up the phone, while retaining rich interactivity through the suite of online tools available to them.

With its list price of 5 cents per minute, Raindances Webcasting allows event hosts to deliver their messages at a fraction of the cost of a traditional, operator-assisted teleconference. It also enables the companys agents and wholesale partners to widen their prospect bases by promoting the flexible Web services to a broader audience.

In addition, Raindance has introduced new features to increase the flexibility and customization of event registration and ease site administration through detailed reporting. These new features are available to all existing Raindance users upon login.

A few of the enhancements of in-meeting functionality and post-meeting management and reporting include:

Waiting room A real-time view of all participants in queue who have been denied access to an event with the ability to enter them into the meeting in real time.

Pre-registration and role pre-assignment Moderators can pre-register participants for all registration-required events and assign roles in advance.

List filtering and filtered list URLs Moderators can filter a list of scheduled events by keyword, date and file type and produce a customized URL to direct invitees to a specific event or list of events.

These enhancements to event management and execution will help our users customize the registration process and more efficiently handle in-event activities, said Don Detampel, CEO of Raindance. Specifically, our new Webcasting feature will enable customers to broaden the reach of their online seminars and significantly reduce their costs by distributing large events solely over the Web.

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