MarquisNet Looks to Agents to Sell Disaster Recovery Services

MarquisNet (Booth 623), a colocation facility in Las Vegas that sells through solutions providers, has debuted its fully customizable Disaster Recovery Strategies.

The company said that by using its facilities for data storage, disasters will not jeopardize company information because MarquisNet houses the data, allowing companies to customize their redundant data infrastructure.

For example, sales agents can help end users set up a disaster recovery package to their own specifications.

Package A provides data backup and/or recovery; Package B offers disaster recovery warm site services; Package C provides disaster recovery hot site services; Package D makes way for call center relocation; Package E lets customers use MarquisNets call center storage area network solutions.

A warm site is updated when a company chooses to have the system updated. A hot site is completely linked with a companys system and all the changes made on the clients end are automatically saved. For example, say Company A has a warm site and Company B has a hot site. If Company As system goes down, it is backed up to the last time the company updated the system. If Company Bs system goes down, it is backed up to the last changes made before the system went down.

MarquisNet offers commissions that total 10 percent of the monthly billing.

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