KeaneTel Signs New AT&T Deal, Launches No-Split Agent Program

KeaneTel (Booth 810), a brand of Keane Telecom Consulting LLC, announced it is showcasing new carrier contracts and services, including a significant new contract with AT&T Inc., and a new program for agents that can include health and dental benefits.

KeaneTel has inked a new contract with AT&T, supplanting its prior national dealer contract with SBC Communications Inc. The new agreement is materially different, said Pete Keane, president and CEO of KeaneTel.

We have much higher-end products available, and that is driving us as a national master agent for them. Because of our 41 locations, we are focusing on MPLS and IP product sets. KeaneTel also will sell AT&Ts IP Centrex product.

In the prior contract, there were two levels of dealers, regional dealers who covered various states or regions and 10 national dealers KeaneTel was one of the national dealers, a role it still plays. The big difference in the new contract is that we focus very clearly on larger accounts, not the small-business marketplace, said Keane.

He added that the former SBC program focused on LEC win backs (taking a customer back from a CLEC), which is going away under the new program. The compensation structure allows us to sell to much larger customers with more complex daily networking needs than we were able to sell to successfully with the old program.

In other developments, KeaneTel has added a new network supplier to its portfolio, New Edge Network Inc., operating as New Edge Networks, a national provider of broadband access, as well as WAN and VPN services.

For agents, KeaneTel will launch a new program called its Sales Partner Program. Keane says the new program is very different from typical plans, in which a master agent is paid by the carrier and splits the revenue as commissions

with the subagent that brought in the order. A subagent has no legal standing with a carrier. So, they cant get access to the carrier, Keane said. In the KeaneTel program, the subagent signs a license agreement and pays a license fee. In return, KeaneTel pays 100 percent of the bonuses for everything that sales partner sells.

In a typical relationship between a master agent and a subagent, the subagent gets 60 percent of the revenue. In the new KeaneTel Sales Partner Program, the agent pays a fixed monthly fee, now $1,200, but gets 100 percent of the sale.

Originally, KeaneTel had rolled out the program with a three-year commitment with penalties for early withdrawal. Now the company is discounting the setup fee and giving a six-month free trial period for the program.

The company also has a new agent partner program in which, when agents reach the qualification level based on commissions, they can be paid on a W2 level versus a 1099, and would then qualify for the companys national health care plans.

Also any visitor to the KeaneTel booth who mentions the companys advertisement in PHONE+ magazine with be entered into a drawing for a Palm Treo 650 PDA.

Further, the company will be announcing at the show its second annual KeaneTel Telecom Training Triathlon to be held Aug. 1-4 at the Tropicana Hotel in Atlantic City, N.J. The event will feature 15 carriers providing detailed product training, promotional training and sales training to participants.

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