Coast to Coast Cellular Expands Partner Program Nationwide

Coast to Coast Cellular Inc. (Booth 710) announced it will expand its business-to-business agent program nationwide.

The wireless reseller started its partner program two years ago for agents in Pennsylvania. The company works with approximately 25 agents and master agents. It is seeking partnerships with 100 additional agents by the end of the year.

Saul Glosser, vice president of sales for the company, said the program is different from what wireless dealers might be accustomed to. He explained that most major operators allow agents to sell their advertised plans for a one-time commission and, in some cases, a residual of 5 percent on recurring charges for two or three years. They also may require agents to purchase phones and subsidize the sales of handsets to end users.

While agents doing this may earn a larger commission, they must outlay significant capital to purchase the phones and risk keeping stock on hand that may become obsolete.

With Coast to Coast Cellular, Glosser said agents need not maintain an inventory. We stock all makes and models and your customer just picks from our stock. We also carry all the accessories for those customers, he said.

Coast to Coast Cellular also takes care of customer service calls on a 24/7 basis, and customers can log into a Web site to view their invoices online. And, rather than provide an off-the-shelf calling plan, Coast to Coast Cellular analyzes its customers usage to create a custom plan.

This way, they are not purchasing minutes or packages that they cannot use, Glosser said, noting that Coast to Coast generally offers savings from 10 percent to 40 percent less than what most companies would pay with a major carrier.

Coast to Coast also provides custom billing and reports to help end users manage their businesses.

Agents earn a residual commission of up to 20 percent on recurring charges as long as the customer remains on Coast to Coasts service. That means if they are there for 10 years, you are getting a residual commission for 10 years, said Glosser. The company also pays commission of up to 20 percent on accessories.

As an added service, Coast to Coast reviews customer invoices monthly to ensure they are on the optimal plan for their needs.

Agents can track their commissions and their customers usage through a secure online portal.

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