Andiamo Launches New Products for International Customers

Andiamo Telecom (Booth 816) has launched a new International Operator Service product for PTTs, CLECs and IXCs all over the world. It allows carriers to generate substantial revenue from a Home Country Direct calling product. Andiamo installs service at customers call centers or at their public payphone locations to allow International travelers the opportunity to place reverse call charges to their home country.

Andiamos call center equipment allows the placement of operator positions anywhere in the world.

Most PTTs historically have sent these calls to AT&T Inc. by either splashing the calls back to a U.S. call center, or putting the call through with no validation.

With Andiamos solution, there is no expense, and revenue is paid back to the PTT. Andiamo pays for the implementation and there is no disruption to service or to carrier operations.

Andiamo is facilities-based international carrier that provides a range of telecommunication services designed to meet the unique needs of wholesale and retail customers worldwide, including prepaid calling cards, long-distance, operator services, outsourced customer service, international operations and Internet services.

Andiamo boasts its unique agent program offers one-on-one support, timely compensation, back-office support and online provisioning to allow agents more time to grow their businesses and earn commissions.

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