Alvarion Releases Public Safety Platform

Alvarion Ltd. today announced the commercial availability of its BreezeACCESS 4900, a 4.9GHz wireless broadband platform designed for the U.S. public safety market. Its available through Alvarion partners nationwide.

The 4900 has been trialed throughout the country and installed for various live public safety applications such as VoIP, traffic light management and remote video surveillance for crime fighting purposes; in the latter instance real-time wireless video helped police to uncover a drug smuggling operation.

We are very excited about this product and its support of the many diverse and extensive public safety applications, said Dan Carr, president of Electronic Technologies, a trained and certified Alvarion AIR Partner focused on public safety projects in the Midwest. For some time, our customers have been eager to migrate their most sensitive network services to a licensed band product featuring secure communications. BreezeACCESS 4900 is the best system to implement the numerous scaled projects we have pending, even including those within a single market.

Taking advantage of advanced orthogonal frequency division multiplexing technology, BreezeACCESS 4900 enables high-capacity, non-line-of-sight connections, including vehicular mobile broadband connectivity when combined with Alvarions BreezeACCESS 900 system. As far as security, the system is FIPS-197 certified and employs federally approved AES encryption.

Alvarion Ltd.

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