eLEC to Buy Liberty Bell Telecom

eLEC Communications Corp., the parent company of VoIP services provider, VoX Communications Corp., said today it plans to acquire Liberty Bell Telecom LLC, a Colorado CLEC founded by consumer advocate Tom Martino.

Liberty Bell’s president, Jay Weber, will assume an executive management position within eLEC. Martino, meanwhile, will become an eLEC stockholder and help the company promote VoX digital voice services throughout the United States. Liberty Bell’s customers will not be affected by the transaction.

“We believe Liberty Bell has one of the best customer acquisition and retention models in the industry,” said Paul Riss, eLEC’s CEO. “Backed by Tom Martino’s reputation and passion to help consumers, Liberty Bell has captured a solid customer base and experiences less than 1 percent customer churn and bad debt per month. We believe that, under the eLEC umbrella, we can take Liberty Bell’s successful marketing model and expand it to a VoIP marketing engine in 48 states.”

eLEC Communications Corp.
Liberty Bell Telecom LLC
VoX Communications

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