TelePacific Adds QoS to Private IP VPN

TelePacific Communications this week launched its private IP MPLS VPN with QoS for companies using VoIP equipment.

“Unlike other carriers who have deployed QoS from the customer’s router and at their edge router, TelePacific deployed QoS from end to end,” said Rob Madore, TelePacific’s senior vice president of network engineering and operations. “This important feature increases the ability for TelePacific to manage the prioritization of packets as they traverse the network from one customer location to another, enabling us to offer and meet our aggressive service level agreements.”

The SLAs cover jitter and other critical measurements.

While traditional IP networks run on best effort, meaning that all packets are treated the same, QoS enables networks to prioritize the traffic that should be sent first. QoS guarantees critical voice traffic will receive priority queuing, ensuring voice quality as it rides over the MPLS IP Network. As VoIP traffic decreases such as fewer people using IP phones at the same time the bandwidth automatically is made available for other applications.

TelePacific Communications


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