Eureka/InfoHighway Chooses New Name, Logo

Five months after merging, Eureka/InfoHighway, one of the largest competitive carriers in the Northeast, said today it will go by the name of InfoHighway Communications.

“We considered several important factors in making a selection for our new brand, including the number of existing customers and the coverage areas of the two companies,” said Raul Martynek, president and CEO of InfoHighway Communications. “We also engaged the help of a leading brand identity firm that gave us a detailed survey of the preferences of our existing and prospective customers.”

Company executives also have developed a new logo, one that brings together components of both the Eureka and InfoHighway corporate identities, in order to show that, while the new company is a combination of the past, it has a unique identity,” added Peter Karoczkai, vice president of marketing.

As of yesterday, all employees are using the InfoHighway Communications name in their outgoing communication. The carrier also has placed its new logo and name on its Web site, customer bills, service trucks and more.

InfoHighway Communications


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