Quintum Unveils Remote Management for Tenor Products

Quintum Technologies Inc., a vendor of VoIP infrastructure equipment, has announced the Remote Management Session Server (RMSS), a device that provides secure remote monitoring and management of up to 5,000 Quintum Tenor gateways.

The product can manage Tenors in a secure encrypted way even if the products are located behind a firewall or NAT (network address translation). The ability to manage the gateways remotely is a major advantage for business and service provider customers because the devices are often put at geographically diverse locations. It also allows the service provider or reseller to monitor the device and resolve most issues with getting the customer involved in the troubleshooting.

“Today a customer usually is involved in diagnostics, running traces, changing configuration, getting another trace, etc.,” said Chuck Rutledge, vice president of marketing of Quintum. Now (using the RMSS), we can resolve issues faster and can significant improve customer satisfaction without them being part of the process.”

The RMSS can perform all of the diagnostics that an administrator would do if a device were on a local network, even downloading and installing upgrades.

A service provider can set up a Tenor for a particular Remote Management Session Server. When that Tenor is put into a network, it will acquire an IP address and send out a heartbeat identifier over the public network to that Remote Management Session Server, which will e-mail the administrator that a new devices is registered. Then, the manager can sign on to a Web interface and manage the Tenor remotely from anywhere in the world.

Quintum has worked with customers to refine the interfaces used for the remote management.

The RMSS is priced at $4,750, and can work with all devices in the Tenor AS series except the first in the line, the A and D series.

Quintum also announced the Tenor AF, a small-footprint, lower-cost, 8-port analog gateway with a suggested list price of $1,000.

Quintum Technologies Inc.


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