Hibernia Atlantic Expands North American Network

Hibernia Atlantic is expanding its North American network to connect its cable landing station in Halifax, Nova Scotia with Montreal.

With the help of FutureWei Technologies, the North American subsidiary of Huawei Technologies Co. Ltd., Hibernia Atlantic will complete a terrestrial 2,040km SONET/WDM RING that connects Boston, Montreal, Albany, N.Y., and on to Halifax via an undersea cable. This undersea cable is the only modern cable that connects Canada directly to Europe.

Hibernia Atlantics transatlantic customers will have full-service redundancy through RING switching capabilities, extended wavelength, Ethernet, fiber-channel services, and TDM/any-rate Ethernet services to and from London, Dublin and other major northeastern United States and Canadian business centers on one network.

Hibernia Atlantic is using FutureWeis OptiX BWS 1600G/A MR DWDM, M1600/3600 SONET and T2000 EMS products. The BWS 1600G/A MR DWDM can serve networks to 5,000km and beyond, while the M1600/3600 SONET solutions feature Ethernet capabilities in a variety of topologies.

Hibernia Atlantic owns and operates the only direct transatlantic cable route from the United States and Canada to Ireland and the United Kingdom. 

Hibernia Atlantic
FutureWei Technologies Inc.
Huawei Technologies Co. Ltd.

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