Sangoma Ships New PCI Cards

Sangoma Technologies Corp., a provider of connectivity hardware and software products for VoIP, TDM voice, WANs and Internet infrastructure, is shipping its newly engineered A200 analog FXO/FXS PCI cards.

The company made the announcement today at the Internet Telephony Conference & Expo.

Together, the A200 and Sangoma’s REMORA system create a version of the company’s advanced flexible telecommunications (AFT) hardware for support of analog voice traffic.

There is still a huge demand and need for FXO/FXS technologies in many countries around the world, said David Mandelstam, Sangoma Technologies president and CEO. Not all telephone systems require the latest VoIP technologies, but still require robust analog capabilities to maintain quality of service. We understand this need and are taking an industry lead by providing a price/performance solution that our competitors will now follow.

The A200 solution supports any combination of up to 24 FXO or FXS connections. A single PCI slot host connection for all ports ensures common synchronous clocking for all channels. The base AFT architecture is shared with Sangoma’s A101, A201 and A104 and soon to be released A108 cards ensuring common 3.3V/5V, high performance PCI compatibility.

We have invested considerable resources to upgrade and enhance our analog cards and expect to win major contracts in the months ahead, Mandelstam added. The FXO or FXS cards are a new addition to our recently launched A104d that uses a common printed circuit board as a host to several daughterboard solutions including hardware-based echo cancellation, 1, 2, 4 or 8 port T1/E1, T3/E3, as well as the FXO/FXS technologies.

Sangoma Technologies Corp.


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