Azure Launches Certo 2

Revenue assurance vendor Azure Solutions Inc. has unveiled Certo 2, the latest version of its automated, real-time platform for analyzing, detecting and correcting revenue leakage.

The vendor said it already has two Tier 1 customers for Certo 2, which can be deployed as a managed solution or brought in-house. It interfaces with existing revenue-assurance applications and other back-office systems, integrating results into a single monitoring and control mechanism.

New functionality in Certo 2 includes: usage and subscription data processing; improved KPI capabilities so customers can set parameters based on their needs, represented graphically via dashboards; scaled-up processing power to accommodate billions of CDRs per day for IP, content, triple-play and convergent networks; and a simplified user interface.

Certo 2 is meant to detect revenue loss, as well as help investigate, diagnose and recover potential lost revenues, since carriers are looking for a comprehensive approach to revenue assurance rather than a point solution, the company said.

“With threats from fraud and growing network complexity steadily increasing, telecoms providers are aggressively working to stem the tide of revenue leakage, said John Cronin, CEO and president at Azure.

Global operators lost an estimated $170 billion in 2005 due to fraud and leakage caused by operational process issues, according to a report from analyst firm Analysys Research.

Certo 2 also complements Azure’s fraud and interconnect solutions for both subscription and usage assurance, by providing automated protection for the following:

* Retail usage assurance for prepaid and postpaid services

* Interconnect settlement assurance for incoming and outgoing traffic

* Roaming clearing assurance for TAP-in and TAP-out

* Content assurance for subscriber charges and out-payments

* Subscription assurance for recurring fees for provision of services

* Stranded assets, and the identification and reuse of network resources

* Cost control such as route optimization

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