Arbinet to Provide AxcessCode to ECTA Members

Minutes trader Arbinet-thexchange Inc. this week signed an agreement with The European Competitive Telecommunications Association (ECTA) to provide its AxcessCode international calling code management service to the association’s 150-plus members.

This service facilitates the establishment of trading partnerships between telecom buyers and suppliers, and can help our members avoid the significant financial exposure created by international calling code misalignment, said ECTA Chairman Kevin Power. This service is a significant benefit provided to ECTA members as part of the standard membership package.”

AxcessCode gives users a standard set of code definitions to streamline transactions to route voice traffic from origin to final termination. The AxcessCode database contains more than 10,000 international calling code breakouts and includes unique market identifiers for each global destination.

The code system, which is updated every two weeks, has helped global carriers prevent the loss of millions of dollars from calling code mismatches and disputes, explained Curt Hockemeier, Arbinets president and CEO.

ECTA members will be able to download the codes database at no charge each quarter for a year. Arbinet will sell subscriptions to the full service.

Arbinet-thexchange Inc.
The European Competitive Telecommunications Association


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