AT&T to Trade Under T Symbol

The new AT&T Inc. tomorrow will begin trading under the T symbol on the New York Stock Exchange.

The T was AT&T Corp.s symbol before the company was bought by SBC Communications Inc. AT&T Corp. was a member of the Dow 30 until April 2004. SBC, which changed its name to AT&T Inc. after the transaction closed Nov. 18, had traded under the “SBC” ticker symbol.

The “T” ticker symbol was first used by American Bell, the predecessor of American Telephone and Telegraph Company, in 1888 on the Boston Stock Exchange. In 1901, American Telephone and Telegraph, which later became AT&T, started trading under the symbol “ATT” on the New York Stock Exchange; it adopted the “T” symbol in 1930. The “SBC” stock ticker symbol dates back to 1984, following the creation of Southwestern Bell Corp. after divestiture by the original AT&T.

AT&T Inc.

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