AT&T Unveils New Logo

The new AT&T today unveiled its corporate logo and ushered in its first day of operations as the company newly merged with SBC Communications Inc. AT&T also is revving up new ad and marketing campaigns.

The new logo builds on the AT&T globe by making it three-dimensional, adding transparent strips and making AT&T lowercase.

Ovum Research Director Mike Cansfield says using a modified version of the recognized AT&T globe is a pragmatic decision for the new logo, but adds SBC has been unable to resist the temptation to modify the globe and set the name typeface to lower case. Having made the right calls on the name and logo, to meddle with such an iconic logo seems odd to us.

Customer bills will include the new AT&T logo on envelopes beginning in December and on bill statements starting in February. The company says it will use existing product and service names until all legal and regulatory name-change filings are complete.

Saving the historic AT&T name is welcome [and] and updating the brand is very important, but all that was the easy part, notes Jeff Kagan, telecom industry analyst. Now the company has to update the image through advertising and public relations, and realize the value in the newly hot competitive playing field, which is seeing new competitors and new technologies change the industry.

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