Whitacre In, Dorman Out at New AT&T

SBC Communications Inc. yesterday named the senior management team that will lead the company once it has acquired AT&T Corp. Missing from the lineup is AT&T CEO and Chairman David Dorman. Instead, current SBC head Edward E. Whitacre Jr. will serve as chairman of the board and CEO of the new AT&T.

Dorman will resign from his positions, SBC says, but remain as a consultant to the company.

I have followed Dave Dorman for years and he has become one of telecom’s best-known and most-admired CEOs, says telecom analyst Jeff Kagan. After mergers it is not uncommon for the CEO of the acquired company to leave, especially if there was another in mind for the CEO position. It has been widely speculated that Randall Stephenson is expected to take over at SBC when the time is right.

Whitacre, 64, reportedly plans to retire some time after the merger. While he remains at the helm at the new AT&T, the following executives will report to him: James W. Callaway, group president-merger transition; James Cicconi, senior executive vice president-external and legislative affairs; James D. Ellis, senior executive vice president and general counsel; Karen E. Jennings, senior executive vice president-human resources and corporate communications; James S. Kahan, senior executive vice president-corporate development; Rick Lindner, senior executive vice president and CFO; Forrest E. Miller, group president-AT&T; Randall L. Stephenson, COO of the current and new AT&T; and Rayford Wilkins Jr., group president in charge of directory operations, international operations and the company’s Sterling Commerce subsidiary.

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