Telcove Launches Wholesale 10gig Metro Ethernet Across Footprint

TelCove today announced the availability of a 10 gigabit metro Ethernet service for dedicated point-to-point connectivity between locations within each of TelCoves 70 markets in the Eastern United States. The service is available as a last-mile solution to carriers as well as enterprise customers.

TelCoves Ethernet bandwidth options now range between 10mbps and 10gbps. Most carriers only offer 10 gigabit speeds in the metro over DWDM, says Craig Drinkhall, Telcoves senior vice president of product development and engineering, noting Telcove is one of the few carriers to offer it via Ethernet.

Drinkhall says Telcove has more than 3,500 buildings connections and the company is expanding at about 50-60 additional buildings per month. Ten gigabit, he says, will be available to all the buildings on request.

Telcove has been providing the service on an individual case bases since summer, but found the increase in requests sufficient to roll out a commercial offer. It was an obvious next thing, he says.

Drinkhall says about 40 percent of Telcoves business is wholesale to carriers. And, he says, already there are carriers using the 10gig service for infrastructure upgrades, traffic aggregation, PoP-to-PoP or PoP-to-premises connections, or to fulfill end-user requirements for disaster recovery, LAN interconnection, storage area networks and more. A great example is an IXC that uses us at a traditional competitive access provider, he says.

Telcove uses The Fujitsu Flashwave 7420 and the Cisco ONS 15454 optical networking equipment to deliver Ethernet over SONET to the buildings. Telcove terminates in building, but it does not provide extensions.

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