mPhase Highlights Its Broadband Loop Watch System

mPhase Technologies (Booth 1310) is displaying its Broadband Loop Watch System, which is now in general availability and designed to ensure the quality of broadband services by giving access providers continuous remote visibility into the broadband networks that connect customers to central offices.

With triple play platforms and services now being implemented, carriers will be increasingly challenged to maintain high-quality loops, especially for streaming video content. This calls for a new approach to maintenance to keep operating expenses low even with low-delay tolerance services such as video.

The Broadband Loop Watch System enables independent remote test access to both the line and central-office equipment side of a loop. The system is integrated and interoperates with leading test head systems. It includes support of RS232, RS485 or Ethernet control. A high impedance mode allows test access without causing DSL modems to resynchronize during testing. This nonintrusive monitoring feature is driven by a standards-based TL1 interface, which enables network operators to set up computer drive batch testing and maintenance, thereby detecting network problems before failure.

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