CostGuard.NET OSS/BSS Adds Customer-Driven Work Plans

Info Directions (Booth 305) has added new customer-driven Work Plans in the latest release of its CostGuard.NET OSS/BSS. The new release offers incumbent carriers a comprehensive OSS/BSS solution that leverages leading-edge workflow and automation tools to help streamline operations and improve productivity for a range of business processes.

As the market evolves, service providers often find themselves modifying their processes and procedures to accommodate new products, services, partners and personnel. With CostGuard.NETs new customer-driven Work Plans, service providers can make their own changes to established task templates with the click of a button. After an order is created, service providers typically must complete a number of follow-on activities, such as sending out welcome packages or submitting a service to be provisioned. Often the process for completing these tasks is variable, requiring the back office to accommodate any number of changes sometimes on a daily basis. Now with CostGuard.NETs Work Plan feature, administrators can access relevant tables and grids and make their own adjustments to the systems Work Plan library, including the following:

adding new tasks

modifying the order of certain processes

assigning new or different people to tasks, permanently or temporarily

changing the duration for executing specific tasks

assigning tasks to be completed simultaneously or in sequence

All providers need flexibility throughout the back office in order to secure maximum efficiency, says Donald Culeton, president of Info Directions. With rigid workflows, service providers often initiate manual processes to make changes and work around the system, which reduces productivity and increases the probability that something will fall through the cracks. Work Plans leverage the flexible architecture on which CostGuard.NET is built in order to help service providers maintain efficiency, even as their business changes.

The new Work Plan feature caps off a comprehensive solution for incumbent carriers that also includes:

Outside Plant CostGuard.NETs plant inventory feature tracks equipment between customer-service addresses and the switch in the central office, including cables/pairs, pedestals, poles, ties, etc. The module assigns inventory to a customer service and monitors equipment availability and assignments. Service providers also can associate multiple routes tied to a service number to support off-premises extensions.

Trouble Ticket Enhancements Cost-Guard.NETs trouble-ticket feature is flexible and responsive, incorporating user-defined attributes and facilitating automated activities through its integration with system workflows and task plans. The system includes the ability to assign trouble tickets to particular users or groups of users and escalate them as needed, generate standalone trouble tickets for non-customers, and capture the carrier and reference number for external tickets. To tie together multiple, related trouble tickets, CostGuard.NET also offers parent/child trouble tickets that record the resolution and allow all the children to be closed when the parent is closed.

Comprehensive Service Number Inventory and for Numbering Resource Utilization/Forecast (NRUF) Reporting CostGuard.NET offers a comprehensive number inventory capability and reporting functionality for NRUF as required under the North American Numbering Plan (NANP). CostGuard.NET tracks the pools of numbers assigned to a service provider, helps forecast projected exhaust dates and provides a report that service providers can use to file their biannual NRUF updates with the North American Numbering Plan Administration (NANPA).

E911 and MSAG CostGuard.NET interfaces with the agencies responsible for maintaining critical emergency services information, providing the subscribers name, address and telephone information as an automatic location identification record that is forwarded to the E911 Public Safety Answering Point. CostGuard.NET also validates the address against a countys master street address guide.

Capital Credits CostGuard.NET features reporting that makes it easy for cooperatives to maintain and calculate their capital credit funding.

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