UDP Releases CABS 2.0,Announces Partnership

UDP (Booth 1312), a national provider of billing and order management systems for CABS, end-user billing and message processing, has released CABS 2.0.

The upgraded CABS offers a wider set of features and options, such as archived bills and standard monthly reports that can be viewed, printed and e-mailed from the Web; MSECAB record creation and distribution; Web access to historical AUR and SECAB/MSECAB billing records for data mining or export purposes; flexible BANS and invoice numbering; usage tracking reports accounting for usage from receipt through billing; a GUI interface for viewing and updating rates, networks and factors; and threshold billing.

CABS 2.0 represents a completely redesigned access-billing platform, says Shirley J. Craig, director of wholesale billing and data management. Aside from the enhanced functionality, the most exciting feature is the flexibility offered by the table- and rules-based driven system, says Craig. We believe that with CABS 2.0, UDP is well positioned to respond quickly and accurately to the regulatory restructuring of the future.

Meanwhile, UDP has partnered with Creative Support Solutions (CSS) to provide carrier access and revenue assurance services.

Austin-based CSS assists ILECs and CLECs with decisions regarding back-office systems for access, end-user billing, operational strategies, billing system selection and implementation.

Were pleased to work with UDP as one of our partner companies, says CSS President Marnell Robertson. Due to the complexities found in carrier-access billing, it is critical to establish working relationships with those who truly understand the complexities of the carrier-access billing system. Our clients who have chosen CABS 2.0 feel that they have a robust program to help them simplify an often complicated process.

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