SkyStream Wins MPEG-4 Customer Aztech International

SkyStream (Booth 204) announces it has won 20 MPEG-4 AVC customers worldwide for its Mediaplex and iPlex video headend systems.

One of these MPEG-4 customers, Aztech International, will be the largest operational U.S. MPEG-4 customer, in terms of targeted subscriber count and channels offered, according to a SkyStream spokesperson.

Aztech has partnered with Hoover Homes to build a fiber network to deliver video to both residential and commercial subscribers in Arizonas Mohave Valley. Aztechs FTTH deployment will deliver 117 channels of video content to an estimated 20,000 homes in its initial phase, using SkyStreams MPEG-4 transcoders to convert MPEG-2 content to MPEG-4 format for optimal delivery.

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