CTI Introduces Proteus Communications Management Solution to North American Market

CTI (Booth 1546) at TELECOM 05 this week is introducing its Proteus communications management solution to the North American market.

The Proteus communications management system receives usage data from switches, PBXs and routers, and presents the information to the client in real time using a wide variety of reporting templates. The solution offers automatic report generation as well as alarms based upon user business rules. The user also can import rating information to perform costing analysis well before the actual service provider invoice arrives. And it allows for unified reporting of all business communications including wireline, wireless, data, Internet, and e-mail through one interface and solution.

Proteus offers the most value and quickest ROI for enterprises and will be distributed both directly as well as through a reseller channel network that is being established, according to CTI. The company currently has more than 20,000 Proteus implementations worldwide.

Proteus Enterprise is targeted at medium and large enterprises. Proteus Trader is targeted at the financial sector and has unique data collection and reporting templates for those trading organizations.

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