Agilent Adds Support for VoIP Signaling Analysis

Agilent Technologies (Booth 941) announces a new add-on to its J6803A Distributed Network Analyzer (DNA) Pro network troubleshooting platform it released last June.

Called the J7844A Signaling Analyzer VoIP Software, the new tool addresses VoIP quality across networks from the PSTN to 3G, says Luis Hernandez, Agilent product manager. We can track thousands of calls through all technologies, he says of the companys network analysis software, which historically analyzed SS7, UMTS, HSDPA, GSM and GPRS. Now, we deliver support for VoIP.

The new product is targeted to service providers deploying VoIP in mobile networks using IMS or for consumer triple-play or enterprise managed services, Hernandez says, noting a few Agilent customers are using the VoIP module in beta tests. Product will be shipped in the November/December timeframe.

DNA Pro is a small instrument (around 2U high with a handle) that connects to a laptop for portability or it can be accessed remotely via dialup, wireless or Ethernet.

It automatically tracks calls and detects problems, such as dropped calls. It can drill down to view the signaling messages that compose the call and impact the viability of the call, says Hernandez. With the new VoIP add-on, technicians can look for such characteristics as packet delay and loss.

Delivering calls across technologies can be particularly challenging, he says, noting the most fragile component is the mobile network where drops between base stations are common.

Hernandez says Agilents network analyzers help service providers troubleshoot network problems, but they also simplify their network buildouts. An OEM, for example, could use the tools in the lab to make sure applications run smoothly, while service providers use the product for maintenance.

We can help our customer to move fast to develop technologies like IMS and VoIP to achieve the triple play, he says.

Agilents J7830A Signaling Analyzer VoIP is a technology option of the Signaling Analyzer software that is based on the DNA or DNA Pro platform. The DNA Pro costs an average of $17,000, not including the VoIP interface. A typical configuration for gigabit Ethernet with Signaling Analyzer Real-time VoIP on the DNA or DNA Pro runs from $45,000 to $55,000, depending on the interface selected. There are 18 interfaces available such as GigE, OC3, STM1, FastEthernet, DS3, T1/E1, OC12, STM4 and others.

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