Wiedenbach-Brown Introduces LumiCool Lighting Fixture

Wiedenbach-Brown Co. Inc. (Booth 1454), a lighting and electrical solutions distributor, along with SBC Communications Inc. and Hubbell Lighting, has developed the LumiCool Lighting Fixture that connects to the office HVAC system via flexible duct.

Showcased by Wiedenbach-Brown, the LumiCool fixture increases light levels using one T8 lamp and has the ability to bring airflow down to telecommunications equipment.

The LumiCool is designed to provide substantial cost savings by reducing the amount of airflow needed to reach the equipment and the level of energy used to keep the equipment cool. Baffles within air slots regulate uniform air distribution directly into equipment aisles with minimal impact on overhead cabling and ironwork arrangements. The narrow light distribution provides even aisle illumination from the top of the rack to the floor. Each fixture has an integral strut mount for simplified installation into equipment racking without the need for additional mounting hardware.

Available in 5-foot and 10-foot lengths, the LumiCool Lighting Fixtures includes protective covers, an integrated latching and alignment mechanism, and a 10-foot diameter air inlet opening for connecting the fixture to the HVAC system.

SBC has developed the fixture in all new telecommunications equipment installation. Wiedenbach-Brown also has partnered with SBC to offer a national lighting program for its corporate real estate division, providing SBC with national pricing-level benefits from one point of contact.

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