USDOT Addresses Vehicle Infrastructure Integration Initiative

The U.S. Department of Transportation (USDOT, Booth 1147) is a first-time participant in the TELECOM 05 show this year. What brings USDOT to TELECOM 05 is a new intelligent transportation systems initiative in which wireless technology is an imperative.

The initiative Vehicle Infrastructure Integration seeks to determine viability of creating a network of in-vehicle RFIDs and roadside units across the country that make vehicles capable of communicating with each other and with the roads they drive on.

The vision of VII is a wireless network that can help to prevent vehicles from running off the road and from crashing into each other at intersections.

VII also helps transportation managers improve mobility on highways by supporting collection of anonymous real-time traffic data that can be transmitted to and used by transportation operations centers.

Commercial possibilities include cardless payment at gasoline stations, fast food establishments, etc., and are only limited today by the scope of ones imagination, according to USDOT.

VII is a partnership of the USDOT, the automotive industry, State Departments of Transportation and other groups. When the FCC allocated 75MHz of spectrum at 5.8GHz years ago for public safety purposes and commercial uses, the groundwork was laid for VII.

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