Luminaries To Shed Light on Industry Direction, Developments

The speaker lineup at TELECOM 05 this week is populated by a well-balanced mix of leaders from both the network operator and the content provider sides of the fence.

Keynote speakers at TELECOM 05 feature Ed Whitacre, chairman CEO of SBC Communications Inc.; Jim Robbins, president and CEO of Cox Communications; David Barrett, president and CEO of Hearst-Argyle Television; Michael J. Sabia, president and CEO of Bell Canada Enterprises; and Robert B. Clasen, president and CEO of Starz Entertainment Group LLC.

These individuals represent the leading visionaries and entrepreneurs in todays integrated telecommunications marketplace, says Walter B. McCormick Jr., president and CEO of USTelecom, which stages TELECOM 05. What this show is all about is the new world of communications fully integrated platforms that are competing on a cross-platform basis seeking to offer consumers a better value and a better product. Telecommunications today is all about the consumer and providing a high-technology experience that is simple to navigate, allowing the consumer to experience communications in his or her way. These keynote speakers are the leaders in this industry who will be paving the way to new technologies.

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