Lucent Announces New Blade Access Platform

Lucent Technologies Inc. has announced a new kind of access device, the Multimedia Access Platform 1400, that uses an ATCA (advanced telecommunication computing architecture) chassis to offer unprecedented flexibility for operators to use multiple access technologies.

Blades in the new chassis can support DSL, FTTP, gigabit Ethernet and WiMAX access, giving network operators the ability to choose and deploy whatever access technologies are most appropriate for each local area. The chassis includes a 10-gigabit Ethernet link to the network, giving the capacity to support many high-bandwidth applications for subscribers.

Rob Piconi, vice president and general manager for broadband solutions, Lucent, says the word multimedia in the name of the new platform is important because everything we are doing is IMS. Multimedia means that multimedia applications can get delivered to end consumers, such as a videoconferencing application or answering the phone with caller ID on the TV set.

For the network operator, multimedia means how applications get enabled, which technology is needed, says Piconi. So it refers to XDSL, ADSL, ADSL2+, GPON, EPON. Also the multimedia includes Voice over IP as well as wireless.

The product will support all those forms of access. Initial boards for the platform include a DSL board with 48 or 72 ports, a GPON board with 32 or 64 ports, and an 802.16e WiMAX board that contains all the elements of a base station except for a radio remote unit.

Lucent with be doing demonstrations of the platform by the end of 2005 and NDA trials in the first half of 2006. Deployments are expected by the middle of 2006.

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