IneoQuest Addresses VoIP Lifecycle Support

IneoQuest Technologies (Booth 219) is demonstrating the first single video-over-IP test platform that satisfies each phase of the converged network lifecycle, from helping speed high-quality components to market to enabling network operators to assess and monitor thousands of video streams simultaneously.

Involved in the demo are the Singulus G10, a 10-gigabit Ethernet video-over-IP test platform with three modes of operation for generation, analysis and monitoring thousands of video streams; Singulus G1-T, a multifunctional test tool providing network traffic stimulus, analysis and monitoring in a single, compact package; IQMediaStim, a video-over-IP traffic generation application for use with the Singulus G1-T that provides up to 2 gigabits of IP test streams; and IQMediaMonitor, a system that can monitor all video-over-IP streams on a fully loaded gigabit Ethernet network at once.

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