Unraveling the VoIP Deployment Knot

New VoIP service deployments crowd the headlines of every telecom publication.

Its not just the Vonages and the Lingoes of the world deploying the technology, but now its Verizon Communications Inc. and EarthLink Inc. and, possibly, eBay Inc. This gold rush includes many competitive providers who see the technology as potentially a way to compete with incumbents as never before. But VoIP is new to everyone and there are fears and challenges.

This panel will provide a checklist of tools and strategies that would-be VoIP service providers can use to avoid unnecessary setbacks and delays and enjoy successful deployments.

Moderator Yaron Raps, VoIP thought leader with consulting firm BusinessEdge Solutions Inc. is an experienced VoIP system developer and consultant. The intention with this panel is to bring out real-life experiences, he says. Rather than, why VoIP is so great, we will dig under the skin and discover the problems and solutions, … whether the challenges were business or technical.

Participants in the session include service providers that have worked with and solved many typical VoIP deployment challenges. Hank Carabelli, president and CEO, Pac-West Telecomm Inc., comes from the background of a CLEC that has converted itself into a wholesale VoIP provider with an emphasis on network services. We looked at our ability to do things like 411 and E911, he says, and the company made a strategic decision to be an enabler. We are saying, if you are going to be in the communication business, here are the essentials that you need, he says.

Also on the panel is Dave Clark, president and CEO, CommPartners, a wholesale VoIP provider that has dealt with issues of interoperability, security and service provisioning that are essential to successful deployments. The third participant is Bahaa Moukadam, vice president, IP telephony for Spirent Communications Inc., a vendor of network monitoring systems that are used widely in VoIP networks.

Besides dealing with technology issues, Raps says, We will stay focused on the business side. Is VoIP a cash saver, a margin increaser? Can you provide different services and for the first time, as a wholesaler, differentiate yourself? Also we will touch on the whole issue of compliance with law enforcement, whether in the United States with the FBI or, if you are an international reseller or wholesaler, how to deal with local organizations or local policies in each country, whether to comply or not comply and how to deal with local regulation.

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