Interoutes Gateway To Europe Fuels Growth In U.S.

Interoute (Booth 304), which says it is the owner and operator of Europes most advanced and densely connected voice and data network, has doubled its business in the United States so far in 2005.

The company says it is riding the wave of international expansion of U.S.-based carriers, ISPs, resellers and enterprises as they expand into new markets, especially Europe, Eastern Europe and beyond. Evidence of this growth is the companys recent cooperation and work with San Franciso-based Yipes Enterprise Services Inc., helping to bring scalable Ethernet service throughout Europe to Yipes customers, including top law firms, financial services giants and technology companies.

U.S.-based carriers and enterprises can extend their capabilities throughout all of Europe without the hefty capex of building their own network or quilting one together. Plus, the Interoute one-stop solution versus dealing with multiple networks and contracts saves critical time in negotiations and managing. Our U.S. growth is rapid because of this global expansion trend and our proprietary offering, says James Kinsella, executive chairman of Interoute.

Yipes is using the Interoute network to service many of its customers satellite offices in Europe. By connecting at multiple Interoute PoPs, Yipes has instant access to the Interoute network.

Yipes international customers have Web-based access to view routes, performance statistics, latency measurements and management reports. The Interoute network is transparent to the end user.

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