XO Offers CLECs New UNE-P Transition Solution

With only a few months left before another set of new rates goes into effect for leasing facilities from the ILECs, XO Communications Inc. (Booths 300, 1018) is offering another UNE-P transition solution to CLECs. XO last year launched a transition solution for CLECs focused on businesses; now, it is providing a platform for CLECs focused on the residential market.

XO has broadened its wholesale local voice services platform to support CLECs serving residential customers. The platform now helps those CLECs transition off of the RBOCs UNE-P and use central office and transport services from XO to continue delivering cost-effective telephone services.

As a result of new rules governing local network unbundling issued by the FCC earlier this year, competitive carriers now pay higher rates for leasing switching and transport facilities from the RBOCs and no longer can rely only on UNE-P to provide services.

By utilizing our national facilities-based network, competitive providers in the residential market can continue to provide their customers with an alternative to the local telephone companies, says Ernie Ortega, president of carrier sales at XO. The XO Wholesale Local Voice services platform provides a pre-determined block of capacity for

telephone lines and a physical connection for transporting voice traffic from XOs colocation facility to the competitive providers voice switch. CLECs must provision local loops to their customers, but the platform eliminates the need for them to build switching facilities in every central office to provide services.

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