UDP Releases New Reporting Tool

UDP (Booth 904) is releasing a new reporting tool called COMET Explorer. COMET is UDPs proprietary program for end-user billing. COO Rick Banfield says COMET Explorer offers flexibility in creating customized reports. UDP customers now can use the basics of Core Reports, the detail of Custom Reports, or, now, Explorer Reports, which let users design their own reports to present any combination of data in any format desired.

Basically it offers on-demand ad hoc reporting capabilities, Banfield says. This tool gives you quick turnaround and self-sufficiency. Youre not dependent on someone else to create reports for you and you dont have to wait to get started. COMET Explorer represents the ultimate in reporting creation and maintenance.

Customers can use Explorer for sales, accounting or any other business purpose, UDP says. The program also can be used to run reports for sales trending. For example, it can detail the number of customers who signed up for DSL or video on demand in a given zip code, during a specific timeframe.

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