Sandy Beaches Customizes InTELEbill

Sandy Beaches Software (SBS, Booth 814) has upgraded the InTELEbill invoice by giving clients control over formatting changes in the areas of invoice layout, font style, headers, invoice backers and messages.

The cover page now boasts a large message area that also can be populated with usage graphs. Userdefined sections allow customized product grouping, such as Cable Service, Internet, Local Toll or other headers, and the user also controls the order in which the sections appear on the bill.

SBS clients also now can filter data using any field associated with the customer when creating marketing messages and invoice backers during a billing cycle.

The filtering capability enables the service provider to target specific accounts and advertise add-on services based on account-level criteria, explains SBS President Jeff Lytle. The company felt it was time to update the look and layout of the invoice.

Our new custom format enables clients to effectively convey their corporate image and highlight the multitude of services they provide, says IT Director Scott Roberts.

For most service providers the bill is the only tangible element in the relationship with the customer, notes Lytle. An informative invoice thats easy to understand is a key part of customer retention and cross-selling, he says. Enabling our clients to essentially design their own bill is another way they can increase their brand presence and customer loyalty.

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