Pacific Wireless Debuts New Parabolic Antennas

Pacific Wireless Manufacturing Inc. (Booth 1013) has released the newest edition of its DA5 series of solid parabolic dish antennas.

The dual-polarity feed system of the new DA5x-27-DP antenna features two ports, one for vertically polarized signals and one for horizontally polarized signals. This is useful for polarization-diversity systems and also for increased bandwidth systems that transmit and receive on both the H and V polarities.

Dual-polarity systems offer higher bandwidth for high-capacity backhaul applications. Typically, polarization diversity is accomplished using two antennas. With the DA5x-27-DP, the customer can meet their requirements using a single antenna, saving infrastructure and maintenance costs, says Scott Parsons, vice president of business development Pacific Wireless division.

The antenna features good port isolation and is very stable in high winds. The feed is designed to be compatible with the companys existing DA5 series of 3-foot antennas. Customers can switch to dual polarity without replacing existing installed equipment. Pacific Wireless is working on a radome for the antenna, which should be available by the fourth quarter of 2005.

The DA5 are rugged, lightweight and weatherproof. They are constructed of an aluminum alloy dish with a powder-coat paint finish for excellent mechanical, electrical and environmental performance. The parabolic reflector is made using a one-step molding technology that achieves excellent consistency and long-term stability. They come with a heavy-duty powder-coat painted mounting system for pole-mount applications. The dual polarity dishes are DC-grounded for lightning protection.

The cost of the DA5x-27-DP is as low as $382.46 each in quantities of 100 units.

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