Moving from Just VoIP to Convergence

Amid all the hoopla and noise about VoIP, whenever the industry has an opportunity to reflect on the revolution, they always will underscore that it is about IP communication, not just IP voice.

IP networks can transport any kind of content. Voice, video, pictures, instant messages, data, application software, music, text all converge here the word actually fits onto one network, and, more than that, can be combined into unique services. So VoIP is only the first installment in a series of services that will change profoundly the way businesses communicate.

Beyond Networks and IP Applications will let companies unleash the true power of their IP networks with powerful new communication tools. This session looks at how new applications, built on the power of IP networks, will offer new capabilities that combine multimedia, application software and services such as presence.

For example, a manager wants to hold an ad hoc video conference. She checks her Outlook desktop, which shows the presence and availability of her staff, and sends instant messages to each staff member with links to join a conference. The application knows the availability of each staff member: who has video capability, who is on a desk phone and who is on a mobile phone, and automatically sends the appropriate link to each. The staff click on the links to join the conference.

This session features presenters whose long experience with VoIP gives them insight into the industrys maturation from just new kinds of networks to new kinds of services. Joe Aibinder, director of services-over-IP offer management for AT&T, helped pioneer his companys early business VoIP deployments with managed IP PBXs and IP network services for multinational companies. Keith Chappell is vice president of global communications applications practice at Lucent Worldwide Services, the worldwide network integration unit of Lucent Technologies Inc., and Antti Kankkunen is vice president of product strategy and technology for Tellabs Inc. The panel is moderated by Gary Kim, editor-at-large of FatPipe, a monthly magazine about broadband and new communication technologies.

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