Humanizing Technologies Debuts iriss news

Imagine having continuously updated news from around the world based on any number of chosen topics and keywords delivered to a personalized Web page.

With iriss news from Humanizing Technologies (Booth 1110), its now easy to select from more than 10,000 global, national, regional, and local newspapers, all delivering custom news content updated every 15 minutes. Benefits include access to over 10,000 news sources, mouse-over story summaries and compatibility with any browser or RSS reader.

George Witwer, founder and CEO of software company Humanizing Technologies, recognized the Internet and all the technology that goes with it is useful, but also can be overwhelming as users try to keep an eye on all the Internet offers. iriss news brings filtered, ready-to-use articles and RSS feeds based on custom-defined searches.

According to Ken Fernung, director of engineering at Humanizing Technologies, iriss news can deliver financial, political, sports, general news, current events, science, arts, and more. If you can perform a Web search, iriss news will do the rest serving up the news you need.

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