FiberLight Rolls Out New Managed Service Products

FiberLight LLC (Booth 400), formerly known as Xspedius Fiber Group, has come out with a new product line LightSource that provides FiberLight customers with the first all-private fiber interface for DS-3 through OC-192 and GigE capacity.

LightSource is a fully managed fiber offering. The family of LightSource services and options sets up a private network for each customer dedicated to them on non-shared equipment and exclusive fiber architecture.

FiberLight installs the fiber and equipment and provides the customer with the choice of managing the equipment or having the equipment managed by FiberLight. Additionally, FiberLight can install, manage and provide training to the customer. The equipment and the fiber are turned over to the customer at the end of the term, significantly reducing the recurring cost associated with the service.

This may look like a standard offering until you read between the lines, says Michael P. Miller, president and CEO of FiberLight. The LightSource product line is differentiated by the following factors: first, the immediate cost savings to the customer are dramatic. Second, the customer can own and manage their own optical equipment, which provides them with a tremendous amount of control and scalability. Finally, the solution can be converted to a straight fiber lease as the customers bandwidth requirements increase, providing even more cost savings to the customer.

There are three versions of the LightSource product line an on-net-to-on-net solution with optical equipment owned or leased that converts to a fiber lease; an on-net-to-off-net, managed service plan that converts to fiber lease with a type II connection on one end; and an off-net-to-off-net managed service plan with a type II interconnection at each end. Each solution includes diverse entry customer laterals, leased or purchased equipment, a private fiber backbone with self-healing rings, and is designed and engineered to connect to FiberLights backbone fiber infrastructure.

This new solution will provide the smooth transition between capacity and dark fiber that is very much needed in the greater marketplace. It will allow enterprise customers as well as carriers the opportunity to realize the benefits of a direct fiber interface, says Wade Robertson, FiberLights senior vice president of sales and marketing.

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