Consumer Cellular GSM Service Available to MVNO

Consumer Cellular Inc. (Booth 805) is expanding its private-label program by rolling out GSM service to its growing list of MVNO partners. The service operates on the combined GSM (Global System for Mobile Communication) networks of Cingular and AT&T Wireless, which is the largest GSM system in the nation.

GSMs primary advantage is its use of SIM cards, the postage stamp-sized devices which identify the user on the network and store personal data. SIM cards can be customized to perform a variety of critical functions, including automatically routing subscribers international calls through a specific carrier without dialing extra digits.

Our GSM service is a wonderful product just in terms of the broad nationwide coverage, unmatched service quality and highly advanced order processing system, says John Marick, president of Consumer Cellular. But the flexibility and convenience of SIM cards really sets GSM apart. Imagine the benefits to MVNOs of being able to provide direct-dial international calls and having their names appear on the handset displays.

Recognizing the strong demand among telcos for private-labeled wireless service, the company launched its wholesale program in early 2004. The program enables MVNOs to add wireless services to their product lists while avoiding upfront fees and volume commitments typically required by national carriers.

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