Comstock Unveils Logo, Lobbying Initiative

COMPTELs new president and CEO Earl W. Comstock addressed his first convention of the associations membership by unveiling a new logo and a new lobbying initiative designed to reflect a new era in the competitive telecommunications market.

After mergers with three other industry groups ACTA, ASCENT and ALTS — over the last few years, COMPTEL has returned to its original name, but with a new forward-looking logo, Comstock says.

The new logo may be seen as a symbol of the unity of the groups the association is counting on to implement its new lobbying initiative ACTION, or Advancing Communications Through Innovation and Open Networks.

Since the 96 act, we have lost sight of the fundamental ground rules of competition: When a carrier built a network on public rights of way, they had to share it, says Comstock, noting this created a niche opportunity for other providers to bring about services and innovation customers want.

That model is going away, he warns, suggesting that it might be supplanted with a model similar to the cable industry, where a company owns the network and content and dont necessarily have to share it.

To stop it, you have to get involved, Comstock says, urging attendees to join the association, talk to customers about changing regulation and how it impacts them and, most of all, tell Congress its OK for there to be rules to control access to the Internet.

COMPTEL with attitude and focus. He reminded that competitors today have a lot better chance that did Bill McGowan in 1984.

Henderson also urged competitive providers to consider their roles in the new communications landscape. He says the telecommunications industry is part and parcel of the success of such popular offers as iPod with Internet downloadable iTunes.

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