TAG Shows Partners How to Diversify

These days its imperative to change and grow your product portfolio. But this is something much easier said than done. To that end, Dale Johnson, president of association sponsor Technology Assurance Group (TAG), an industry association for solutions providers, will tackle the question of how to diversify your business in an age of constantly evolving technologies and requirements.

Were going to address … the necessity of migrating our business model away from models that are hardware-driven to service-oriented solutions that truly manage the information solution as a whole, Johnson says.

One key is for providers to make sure theyre implementing solutions that increase end users profitability and give them a competitive edge in the marketplace, Johnson notes. Solutions providers must be integrators, rather than suppliers of hardware, he says, and he will show the audience how to achieve this aim.

The industry as a whole must move from the model of providing people with equipment that doesnt break to a new model where the integrator makes certain that the combination of hardware and software applications accomplishes those two ends profitability and productivity for the company, Johnson says. That simply is going to require a different approach. It means that all individuals are going to have to become dramatically more conversant with, and capable with, all forms of productivity associated with platform provision.

Johnson in what he predicts will be a fairly interactive session will cover the how-tos of diversifying, as well as the who, why and when questions. For example, one way to diversify a portfolio includes offering network analysis and CCTV services, in addition to other products that provide recurring revenue, Johnson says. What we perceive in the long run is this: those companies that can truly develop the means to fully partner their relationship with their customer to become their [consultative] voice in the marketplace … is going to be the winner in the industry. Thats the service provider thats going to survive and thrive.

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