Stealth Launches Voice Peering Fabric in St. Louis

Stealth Communications is launching its Voice Peering Fabric at the Bandwidth Exchange Buildings, a carrier hotel, in St. Louis.

The Voice Peering Fabric is a distributed Ethernet network that functions as an exchange or meet-point for VoIP traffic. It is a private voice Internet allowing enterprises and service providers to establish peer-to-peer connections in a secure environment.

“The VPF will allow the Bandwidth Exchange Buildings to remain at the center of communications in our region, says Robert Guller, managing member of the Bandwidth Exchange Buildings. St. Louis is only the seventh city to list the VPF that, according to many leading experts, will soon be the major way for voice phone calls to be exchanged.”

The Bandwidth Exchange Buildings newly deployed Voice Peering Fabric node means facility tenants can access the ENUM Registry, and send and receive free phone calls with ENUM Registry members.

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