OPEX Debuts Wireless, VoIP

Show sponsor OPEX Communications (Booths 507-509) says it has announced OPEX Wireless for consumers and OPEX Internet Voice, a suite of VoIP services for residential, SOHO and SMBs. Both new services are available to agents.

OPEX Wireless, an MVNO using the Cingular Wireless network, offers a per-minute plan and three bundles with an option for shared minutes target for low-volume consumers. This niche includes individuals or families who dont under- or overuse wireless plan minutes and therefore have no need for a multiyear, minimum-volume program.

These customers also are under the radar for larger cellular companies. Revenue from over- or underuse is called breakage in the industry and wireless companies make as much as 50 percent of their profits from it, says the company. OPEX has made a conscious decision to market a niche segment that we are comfortable with and [that] has a real need, says OPEX CEO Tom Jacobs. Breakage for large wireless companies has a tremendous upside but it is at the expense of lower end users and we are poised to help that group with simple plans that have great value.

The 9.9 cent-per-minute OPEX On-The-Fly postpaid service can be added to an existing OPEX invoice. There is also a nominal per-call and per-day network access fee. OPEX Wireless also has 100-, 250- and 450-minute bucket plans to meet the needs of medium and shared-minute users.

The VoIP suite will include OPEX Internet Voice (available now), OPEX Trunk Replacement and OPEX iPBX. The latter two will be available in the fourth quarter. Agent certification will be offered for all VoIP services.

OPEX Internet Voice is a $14.99-per-month plug-and-play solution with unlimited dialtone, for consumers and those who run small businesses from their homes. A pre-programmed analog telephone adaptor (ATA) attaches to a cable or DSL broadband connection and an analog phone. The one-port ATA is free after rebate. For SMBs, the OPEX Trunk Replacement service will allow a traditional phone system to add trunks that terminate on the OPEX VoIP network, for unlimited local and low-cost long-distance.

OPEX also plans a virtual PBX service, OPEX iPBX, which will be a soup-to-nuts enterprise solution for replacement of traditional phone systems, targeted at companies that range from one location to several and can support hybrid solutions on a location-by-location basis.

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