NetLogic Expands Fiber Extension, Dynamic Choice Availability

NetLogic Inc. (Booth 302) announces it has made its Fiber Extension product available on a nationwide basis and has expanded the Dynamic Choice IP trunking product line to 32 markets.

If a customers location is within 1-2 miles of an existing building with low-cost fiber, NetLogic can usually establish an aerial connection between a customers building and the lit building, using optical or licensed wireless.

The result is high-speed connectivity (DS3, 100MB, OC3, OC12 or 1gbps). Fiber Extension requires line-of-sight access to an existing lit building and access to the roof of both buildings to install lasers or antennas.

The fiber explosion of the 1990s reached only a small percentage of buildings within most metropolitan areas, says Mike Morey, president and CEO at NetLogic. This created an uneven communications playing field between some buildings: those with low-cost fiber access and those without. NetLogics Fiber Extension product begins to level that playing field.

NetLogics Dynamic Choice Internet access product has expanded to 28 new markets in 10 states, thanks to the building of new facilities and agreements with Wachter Network Services Inc. and Carrier Access.

This expansion is possible, in part, because of the completion of our national network buildout, says Morey. We installed major market hubs in St. Louis, Kansas City [MO], Dallas, Chicago and San Francisco. The other markets are spokes which run out of these facilities.

Meanwhile, Carrier Access will provide the equipment to link the network to telephone systems, and Wachter will provide NetLogic with a national installation and repair organization of more than 350 technicians.

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