Teledvance Offers Sales Tips

Broadband provider Teledvance Communications Inc. announces at The Fall 2005 Channel Partners Conference & Expo it recently helped a client in the financial services industry migrate to an IP network.

Teledvance says this is a good example solutions providers can take to the bank when it comes to making a sale. Finding the right clients within a market segment, and the right market segments within the overall market, requires asking the right questions, says Paul Borgman, CEO and cofounder of Teledvance Communications. Getting the prospect to open up about their current telecommunications woes can be difficult, at first. Nevertheless, it is often very rewarding and helps cement a long-term relationship between the client and an outsourced, managed services provider like Teledvance.

The recent deal with the financial services client was secured after the prospect gathered information about his companys TDM-based telecommunications infrastructure. He learned, says Teledvance, his company was the perfect candidate for a converged network because it is datatransmission and communications-intensive, with high volumes of inbound and outbound calls, e-mail messages and data streams.

The company had eight locations and more than 400 employees across the United States, says Teledvance. Each location had equipment from different vendors and paid monthly invoices to different local, long-distance and Internet service providers, as well as different phone system and network consulting vendors. Teledvance replaced all of that with a complete solution that totaled one vendor and one bill.

The results from this implementation were dramatic and proved that the financial services industry is a great fit for our solution, says Borgman. In addition to providing the company a new, state-of-the-art phone system, without requiring any up-front capital costs, we saved them 20 percent of their overall telecommunications spend, simply by eliminating long-distance charges. Moreover, that was just the beginning of their overall ROI. They saved IT staff hours and increased user productivity via features like ad hoc conference calling from every handset, and faxes delivered as e-mails to individual desktops, drove real improvements in their business processes. We took the time to ask the right questions, so we could give the right answers. Now, theyre more competitive and we have a new market niche to pursue.

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