Salestream Automates Order Documents

Salestream Software Inc. (Booth 709), a provider of online sales force automation software for the telecom industry, announces the release of Order Document Automation for users of its MasterStream-MX agency automation platform.

MasterStreams Order Document Automation (ODA) normalizes all carrier ordering document requirements into a uniform interface, without requiring the user to know the requirements for placing an order. Because the system retains all known and previously entered information about prospective customers, their service needs and the providers quote for the service, much of the required information automatically populates into the ODA interface.

Upon completion, the user receives completed order forms in PDF format, ready for the customers signature.

Key MasterStream features include on-demand access to Salestreams Provider Assimilation System (PAS), which allows users to generate instant quotes and bill/savings analysis for telecom services based on actual physical availability of the services. Salestream says unlike other CRM quoting applications, PAS maintains all assimilated pricing and availability variables, freeing agents to focus on new customer acquisition rather than time-consuming processes such as preparing quotes and paperwork.

In addition to meeting the administrative needs of agencies, another overriding design theme of MasterStream is to help agents close more business, Salestream says. MasterStream-MX makes the smallest agent look like a professional telecom clearinghouse to the customer, says Jeff Fraser, vice president of Salestream. The instantly generated proposals communicate professionalism and thoroughness to prospective customers, increasing agent credibility and sales.

MasterStreams instantly generated quotes are produced in the format of a multiprovider, agent-branded proposal and can be sent to the customer with a click of the mouse.

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