Panel Aids Search for VoIP Migration Strategies

Businesses want to migrate sensibly towards VoIP. New products and services enable solutions providers to ease the transition for their customers without the need to rip and replace their traditional TDM-based PBXs.

Find out how you can help your business customers extend the life of their telecom systems investments while enjoying the cost savings and enhanced capabilities possible with a VoIP during todays session, In Search of Sensible VoIP Migration Strategies.

Speakers include solutions providers Steve Gareleck, president of PartnerTel, and Gamiel Gran, vice president of Worldwide Channels, for Edify Corp.

Based on their real-word experiences, Gareleck and Gran will discuss why customers should consider migrating to VoIP, inspire solutions providers with the possibilities and provide practical advice about infrastructure options.

For example, Gran, whose company approaches customer requirements from a systems integration perspective, will spend some time discussing the opportunity to provide companies with low-cost alternatives to pricey convergent applications such as data-centric remote field service by using a voice-driven interface to a centralized trouble-ticketing system. Gareleck, who has more than 10 yearsexperience in telecommunications, will then take a look at the opportunity to address customer needs with network services. The biggest bang for the buck, he says is to provide virtual PRIs tied into the PBX and for least-cost routing and disaster recovery. By adding MOS equipment, you can also tune the quality of the network to the application.

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