GlobalTouch Lets Channel Leverage New Revenue Streams through VoIP

Los Angeles-based GlobalTouch Telecom Inc. (Booth 209) announces it has developed its own VoIP platform offering channel partners a new vehicle to maximize VoIP revenue streams. The platform, called SIPTalk, serves the single-user and SOHO voice market, as well as leveraging ASPs, carriers, cable MSOs and large enterprise with the SIPTalk Pro solution.

VoIP represents a paradigm shift in the telecom industry, especially now that so-called computer telephony quality is comparable to the high standard of traditional PSTN voice. Ironically it is VoIP that will fulfill the promise that voice deregulation made so many years ago.

GlobalTouch is able to make good on this promise by layering its VoIP software onto its traditional domestic and international switching network allowing the company to offer both technologies at a lower cost, with improved flexibility, ease of implementation, versatility and vertical integration.

GlobalTouchs SIPTalk VoIP solutions are designed to increase competitiveness and customer retention by accelerating channel access to the rapidly proliferating VoIP market at a very low price point. At the same time, GlobalTouch has improved voice quality and enabled an advanced range of communications services.

SIPTalk is engineered to serve users. SIPTalks unique CallBlast application, for example, is a combination of traditional call forwarding and one-number find-me/follow-me services, explains Vladimir Smelyansky, CTO of GlobalTouch.

Users can set calls to ring simultaneously in the office, mobile and home phones, or ring in any sequence and with whatever delay you decide to set. If you want to be found, this makes sure that you are, Smelyansky adds.

Custom applications like CallBlast can be quickly and cost-effectively deployed by GlobalTouch partners because we developed and own our own platform end to end, thus controlling costs and increasing quality,” explains Cliff Rees, COO of GlobalTouch.

GlobalTouch has residential and business packages to suit every need. These range from several minute packages to choose from, including free long-distance between SIPTalk customers anywhere in the world.

Monthly rates for the service start at $9.95 for 200 minutes. For businesses, SIPTalk 2000 offers the SOHO market a flexible array of VoIP service for $34.95 per phone line per month including 2,000 minutes of calling time throughout the United States and Canada. By the same token, SIPTalk Infinity offers SOHOs unlimited domestic and Canadian calls for $49.95 monthly per line.

GlobalTouch also offers SIPTalk Pro for ASPs, carriers, cable MSOs and large enterprises. This VoIP wholesale solution is currently available with prices beginning at just .0115 cents per minute.

GlobalTouch will pay a residual commission on every account sold.

The GlobalTouch SIPTalk products and services are also available to resellers and carriers on a private-label basis.

The product line includes residential plans starting as low as $9.95 per month and business plans starting at $34.95 per month.

  • SIPTalk 200 is the basic home product that features 200 minutes of VoIP calling throughout the United States and Canada for just $9.95 per month.

  • SIPTalk 500 is just $14.95, and offers 500 minutes of calling throughout the United States and Canada.

  • SIPTalk Infinity for the Home provides unlimited calling throughout the United States and Canada for just $19.95 per month.

  • For business use, SIPTalk 2000 serves the small office for just $34.95 per phone line per month with 2,000 minutes of calling throughout the United States and Canada.

  • For $49.95 monthly per line, SIPTalk Infinity for Business gives users unlimited domestic and Canadian calls.

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