Global Capacity Promotes Wide-Area Ethernet

Global Capacity (Booth 409) this week is promoting its new wide-area Ethernet service. Called GlobalBridge, the product offers seamless wide-area Ethernet connectivity and secure, private transport without Layer 3 routing.

It supports all LAN protocols, end-to-end service with Global Capacitys 24X7X365 NOC and simplified network management with Global Capacity Online management tools. This is coupled with Global Capacitys SLAs, and the ability to extend Ethernet access to any location where TDM/SONET local loops are available.

GlobalBridge will interconnect with legacy access such as frame relay and ATM services. GlobalBridge can simplify network design, aggregating circuits to alleviate hubs and reduce local access requirements. With GlobalBridge, all remote locations appear as members of the same LAN.

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