BCN Solutions Express Adds Private IP, Expands Local Services

BCN Solutions Express (Booth 702) announces it has upgraded its portfolio to include Private IP and integrated local services in its service mix.

We have spent the last four months looking into the future to determine the optimal product line anchored to address mainstream commercial end users for the near term and the long term, says Tom McCrosson, CEO for BCN Solutions Express, noting offerings in the marketplace appear to be all over the board. We decided to build a well-rounded offer with basic configurations which include a blend of technology geared for both the present and the future.

As part of its expanded line, the company is offering a new Private IP service based on MPLS technology, which enables the security and QoS of Layer 2 switching with the scalability and any-to-any connectivity of IP.

It is available as an unmanaged transport or as a managed services solution. Unmanaged transport customers can use the remote configuration feature to outsource implementation.

On a broader scale, BCN Solutions Express also now offers more varied pricing plans and features for its dedicated and switched local services. Its local T1 offerings, for example, provide several pricing options for both local and long-distance services, as well as the ability to make use of integrated voice and data services. IVAD services are available on either a managed or unmanaged basis.

Agents should be looking at local integrated T1 options, says McCrosson, explaining that it offers more flexibility than traditional local services.

He says BCN Solutions Express has not abandoned UNE-P, but instead addresses local service needs with a greater number of carriers and a combination of resale and wholesale agreements for dedicated and switched services.

The company has local resale agreements with AT&T Corp., Verizon Communications Inc., BellSouth Corp., MCI, Broadwing Communications Inc., PAETEC Communications Inc. and Lightship Telecom (formerly CTC Communications).

Our customized billing solution enables us to provide up to fifteen vendors and generate one bill so its transparent to the end user, McCrosson says.

Having a multicarrier network for local, long-distance and data services enables BCN Solutions Express to meet businesses demands for diversity and redundancy.

More and more companies are pushing their business transactions to the Web. It used to be that keeping the voice T1 working was critical; now customers want several providers to stablize their IP network, he says.

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